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The Finest Diet

by Ambarina Hasan :: June 30, 2009
The sun has come out, and for once, I’m not alarmed.  Summer parties and dietdressing for them no longer fill me with dread, and the prospect of a beach holiday is positively appealing.  Have I gone mad, you may ask? No, it’s just that, this year, I have actually, finally and satisfactorily, lost the weight I kept complaining about. 

The reason for my joy and carefree abandon is Dr Jeffrey Fine, a well-kept “secret” amongst those in the know; from fashionistas to beauty editors, ladies-who-lunch to unnamed celebrities.  His Special Diet, which I have followed for six weeks (an initial recommended three, followed by another three to get to my target weight) has finally freed me of the extra stone I have been carrying around with me.  And, may I say, the diet itself felt relatively painless.

I’ve heard talk about this diet for many years now.  A lady I au-paired for in France many years ago was following it and lost tons of weight.  My ex-boss in advertising also slimmed down following the regime.  But I’d never tried the diet myself, much less met the man responsible for these svelte figures.

So, at 9 stone (a stone overweight for my small frame), I walked into his hallowed offices in London’s quietly revered Harley Street.  After explaining the diet to me, I was given a vitamin shot to help with low energy levels, a mineral supplement to help maintain blood sugar levels, and a sheet to remind me what I could and couldn’t eat.  The simple list of lean meats, fish, seafood and eggs along with citrus fruits is easy to remember and even easier to shop for, and that’s partly why I loved this diet so much; no complicated calorie counting, no boring weighing out of portions, no elaborate recipes or combinations to follow.  Protein and citrus fruit – that’s it. And no more than eight glasses of fluid daily.  How much simpler could a diet be?  Even the odd glass of wine is allowed for those who deem it “essential”.  Perfect for me – a busy working mum of three.

Weekly appointments during the three week course included the dreaded weigh-in, along with the vitamin shot and the occasional urine sample to check that my body was in ketosis and so producing ketones (a by-product of the body burning fat for energy).

scalesThe hardest part of this diet? Sticking to the rule: that you do not weigh yourself in-between appointments.  When I mentioned to Dr Fine that to tell a woman on a diet NOT to weight herself is unrealistically optimistic, a wry smile was the only response that awaited me.  But after three weeks, I am true to my task. Without going near my bathroom scales, I know that my clothes feel decidedly looser, I’ve moved my belt along by two whole notches, and I have more energy at the end of the day than I’ve had for a long time.

After three weeks, I have lost well over half a stone, and, further motivated to reach my goal, I decide to repeat the three week process, this time introducing a small amount of green leaves, spinach, and berries to the existing plan.  By the end of the next three weeks, I am just under a stone lighter than when I started out, loving all the compliments I am receiving from friends and wearing clothes I haven’t pulled out of the wardrobe for ages.

My verdict?  Possibly the best diet I have ever followed (and I’ve followed a few in my time!). I’ve lost fat, not muscle, and I’ve changed my eating habits into the bargain, so I’m more likely to keep the weight off.  And best of all, I’m looking forward to the beach! Summer holiday? Bring it on!