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A-list body gurus: Secrets of the celebrity diet doctors who can transform the stars from fat to fit

By LEAH HARDY, 19th August 2008


The fashion in-crowd have a secret to slipping into a smaller size  –  a three-week course with the Harley Street doctor Jeffrey Fine.

After a full medical examination, Fine prescribes a tailored, high-protein, low-fat diet in which, to begin with, no vegetables are permitted and only citrus fruits are allowed. He will also prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements, but, unlike some other diet doctors, never dangerous diet drugs.

Fine believes our bodies are not designed to cope with vast amounts of carbohydrate, and that eating more protein and less stodge can be a highly effective way to improve health, as well as reducing your weight.

The regime is tough, but the results can be dramatic.

How much can you lose? Some lose as much as two or three dress sizes. A stone in three weeks is not unusual.

Can you do it at home? It’s not advisable to follow such a drastic diet without medical supervision.

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