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Hello and welcome to our world of successful weight loss. The Fine Diet is simple, rapid and effective.

The Fine Diet is the mainstay of our treatment and for over fifty years has been the basis of weight loss success for many patients who have attended our clinic. Please have a look at the Fine Diet reviews. The Fine Diet is based on a low carbohydrate eating plan and we include a recipe section to help you adhere to the diet.

“I can’t thank you enough for everything, all of your support and guidance helped me shed 3 stone in total for my wedding day. As much as it was tough staying away from the bread bin, being a size 10 on my wedding day was completely worth it. Thank you so much in helping me completely reshape my body and confidence… there is no way I could have done it without your clinic and programme. Now all I have to do it is keep it off!” - KL
“Thanks to [The Fine Clinic] I have completely changed my attitude to food and no longer eat for comfort, because I’m bored or stressed or upset. I enjoy the odd treat occasionally and drink a little bit socially but my habits are nothing like those I had before I went on the diet. It was hard work and the diet may not be for everybody, as it requires a level of commitment that we don’t always have but in my case the effort was worth it and [The Fine Clinic] made it as manageable as it could be. The results achieved were beyond my expectations (I really wasn’t expecting to wear a size 8 again!) and I am extremely happy.” - PC
“I am so grateful for the Fine Clinic. It kept me healthy, it helped me with my weight control in a proper way, it gave me confidence, professionally and emotionally, and above all the kind, friendly and caring environment. I see people from everywhere, including in my professional environment, dieting from books, magazines, and sometimes their own invention, and I see no results, only the general frustration of dieting and not getting anywhere - and I can only recommend a diet controlled by the doctors at The Fine Clinic. Again, the best place one could be to keep healthy and happy. Thank you." – ZG
I just wanted to thank both the doctors and the receptionists at the clinic for making me feel so welcome.
I am delighted to have reached, and stayed, at my goal weight - thanks to you.

Losing weight is an achievement, and with our help we’re positive you can do it.  But we also recognise that keeping weight off is another challenge in itself. To help with this we include a weight loss maintenance section, complete with a shopping list.

Before and after treatment at the Fine Clinic, courtesy of one of our patients: