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These suggestions are to help you maintain weight loss after dieting with the Fine Clinic, and are based on a low carbohydrate eating regime. Come off the diet in a gradual way; in the first week adding green vegetables and leafy salads and thereafter introduce additional foods from the following lists. For vegetables allow, per meal:1 cup raw vegetable  OR  2/3 cup cooked vegetable  OR  1/3 cup mashed vegetable. Except for avocado – ½ an avocado on its own is equivalent to each of the vegetable portions above.

You may continue to eat meat and fish, however this should now only be small portions [maximum 10oz/275gm per day] as you will be supplementing with other foods.

It will be easier to maintain your weight loss if regular meals are taken as this will avoid hunger and the desire to eat between meals.  If you do have a large, fattening or starchy meal, be abstemious on the following day by ensuring that you have nothing starchy and by limiting quantities.

It is now no longer necessary to restrict fluid intake, but you should drink only when thirsty, rather than out of habit. Fluids may be water, soda water, tea, herbal tea or coffee with a small amount of milk if desired. Sugar should be completely avoided. For optimal weight maintenance, you are advised to avoid alcohol completely, however, if essential, the occasional glass of champagne or dry wine, red or white, may be taken. Avoid diet drinks. Avoid all fruit juice as it contains excessive sugar, including freshly squeezed and those labelled ‘no added sugar’.

Weigh yourself first thing every morning and write the weight down as it is more difficult to ignore written warning signs of any weight increase. Fluctuations of a few pounds can be expected, but if your weight increases by four pounds revert to The Special Diet for a few days. It may be necessary to repeat this every few weeks but in this way it should be possible to control weight within a few pounds.


  • Root vegetables e.g potatoes, parsnips, carrots, beets (turnips are allowed).
  • Sugar in any form [white, brown, jam, honey and syrups]
  • Grain foods: All cereals and this includes Rice, Corn, Wheat, Rye, Oats, and therefore all breakfast cereals and anything with Flour [white or brown] e.g pasta, noodles, bread, cakes, biscuits, pastries, muffins, bagels, croissants, wraps, sauces etc.]
  • Pulses and dried fruits.


•  Meat  •  Offal  •  Fish  •  Shellfish  •  Poultry  •  Cheese  •  Fruit  •  Vegetables •

. . . . . . but only as instructed in the following guide, paying particular heed to the recommended brands.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to stick to the stated brands; while products may appear to be similar, they are often quite different, for example. . . . .

  • Asda’s BBQ ketchup has 5 times the carbs of Lidl’s Light Linessa Tomato Ketchup;
  • Kraft’s Caesar style dressing has 10 times the carbs of Cardini’s Original Caesar dressing;
  • Tesco’s Green Fresh Pesto has 25 times the carbs of Tesco’s Green Pesto.

Here you will find a shopping list to help you maintain an eating regime which is relatively low in carbohydrate. The list includes many ready-prepared meals available from various supermarkets. This list of food items was prepared in 2010, however new food items are coming on to the market all the time, so if you come across something which you think would be suitable for either the High Protein Diet or the Maintenance Diet, please share it with us.

COOKING: Food may be boiled, baked, microwaved, steamed, sautéed, fried or grilled. A minimum of fat or oil should be used for frying. Use salt and sauces sparingly. For flavouring you may use small amounts of pepper, salt, mustard, herbs, spices, garlic, curry powder, Worcester Sauce, Soy sauce (light), lemon, vinegar [all types], stock cubes, meat extracts, yeast extracts, gelatine, food essence and colouring.


  • Breakfast may be chicken,  cheese and fruit OR  bacon with fresh fruit  OR   omelette with fresh herbs ;
  • Lunch may be clear unthickened soup [consommé] followed by a leafy salad made with garlic, kale, broccoli  OR  cauliflower with salmon, tuna, turkey, chicken, pork or steak
  • Dinner may be meat such as chops or steak with a leafy salad or vegetables followed by cheese and/or fruit for dessert.



NB. For vegetables allow, per meal:1 cup raw vegetable  OR  2/3 cup cooked vegetable  OR  1/3 cup mashed vegetable. Except for avocado – ½ an avocado on its own is equivalent to each of the vegetable portions above.

Bok choy [Chinese cabbage]
Brussels sprouts
Celeriac [cooked only]
Greens [e.g. beet, mustard, collard, turnip, dandelion]
Parsley, basil, mint and other green leafy herbs [fresh]
Spring onion [not the bulb]

Aubergine [eggplant]
Bamboo shoots
Celeriac [cooked only]
Courgette [zucchini] – vegetable and flowers
Gherkin, pickled [maximum 1 per day]
Beans [Green / French / Runner]
Hearts of palm
Marrow, boiled
Mung Bean Sprouts, canned
Mushrooms [common]
Olives Green [NOT Black]; Pimento stuffed in Brine Tesco; Pitted with Anchovy Paste, Safeway.
Peppers: Bell peppers:  green and red [not yellow]
Radish [red, not white]
Tomato [raw only; ½ an average tomato maximum per day]
Turnip [cooked]
Zucchini [courgette] – fruit and flowers

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Limit your daily intake of fresh fruit to the equivalent of one small cup per day. Do not eat dried fruit.

  • Apricot
  • Berries (all types)
  • Cherries (tart)
  • Currants (red and black)
  • Grapefruit
  • Kiwifruit
  • Lemons, limes
  • Mandarins
  • Melons (all types)
  • Nectarines
  • Olives (green only)
  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Plums
  • Rhubarb
  • Tamarillo
  • Tangerines

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Coconut milk, low fat, Tiger Tiger

Cream [this may be double, single or sour but not low fat], maximum 4 tablespoons per day.

If having a meat dish with a cream sauce, consider that to be your daily allowance of cream and do not have any additional fresh cream.


If having a meat dish with cheese in it, consider that to be your daily allowance of cheese and do not have any additional cheese.

Do NOT eat Cottage or Philadelphia or Ricotta or Roule cheeses [whether full fat or reduced fat] as they are high in carbohydrate.

Cheeses you may eat are: [max 4 oz [110 grams] per day; 2oz is about the size of a matchbox]
Blue cheese
Cheese spread, primula [plain; chives; shrimp]
Dairylea rippers, Kraft
Goats, Premium, Average, but NOT other Goats cheeses
Halloumi Average [NOT Halloumi Light]
Havarti Danish Sainsburys
Slices: Leerdammer ;Mature Asda; Mature Tesco
Soft cheese [full fat, not light or low fat]
Wedge, Leerdammer

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SAUCES , DRESSINGS & OILS [Maximum 4 tablespoons per day, unless stated otherwise]

Egg Mayonnaise, Morrisons
Finest Mayonnaise, Tesco
Lemon Mayonnaise, Waitrose
Free Range Egg Mayonnaise, M&S
Olive Oil Mayonnaise, Hellmans
Real Mayonnaise, Hellmans
Real Mayonnaise, Asda

Tomato Ketchup Light Linessa Lidl [max 1 tablespoon per day]

Hollandaise Classic for Fish, Schwartz

Caesar, chilled, reduced fat, Tesco [NOT Caesar 95% fat free Tesco which has 3x the carbs]
Caesar classic Sainsburys
Caesar finest Tesco
Caesar fresh Asda
Caesar fresh M&S
Caesar Hellmans
Caesar luxury Hellmans
Caesar M&S
Caesar original Cardini’s
Caesar Tesco
Caesar Waitrose
Caesar salad fresh Sainsburys
French HE Tesco
French salad M&S
Oil and lemon – any
Salad Italian Newmans Own
Butter and Tarragon, chicken tonight, Knorr
Lime and Coriander, Tangy for Fish, Schwartz
Pesto Green, Tesco [NOT Pesto Green Fresh Tesco which has 25x the carbs]
Pesto Italian, Waitrose
Pesto corriander Sacla
Pesto green Alla Genovese Finest, Tesco
Swedish Mustard and Dill, Morrisons

Avocado, Coconut, Corn, Groundnut, Hazelnut, Linseed, Macadamia, Olive, Pal, Peanut, Rapeseed, Safflower, Sesame, Soya, Sunflower, Walnut

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Clearspring dried Miso  soup sachets, maximum two per day
Watercress M&S
Beef consommé, canned, Sainsburys
Beef consommé, luxury, Baxters

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Veg low salt Kallo
Veg Organic Evernat
Beef Knorr
Beef Organic Kallo
Beef Smartprice Asda
Beef Value Tesco
Garlic dry weight Oxo
Fish sainsburys

Vegetable, Made Up, Yeast Free, Kallo
Chicken made up Sainsburys
Chicken Asda
Chicken Fresh: Sainsburys and Tescos
Chicken prepared Tesco
Chicken Simply Knorr
Vegetable Cooks Ingredient Waitrose
Vegetable made up Safeway
Vegetable Premium made up Kallo

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If having a fish, meat or poultry dish with a cheese  or cream in it, consider that to be your daily allowance of cheese or cream and do not have any additional  cheese or cream.

All meat, fish and poultry is allowable, cooked in any way, with a little oil or fat if needed.  If you want to buy a ready prepared dish, any of those below are acceptable, as long as portions are limited to 4oz [100 grams] per person.


Marinated strips, Asda
Diane sauce with rump steak, Tesco
Red wine sauce with steak:  Tesco; Just Cook Sainsburys

Joint with mint gravy, Tesco
Joint with Rosemary, Tesco
Joint with sweet mint dressing, Tesco

Pork and ham, chopped, canned, BGTY, Sainsburys
Pork joint, stuffed, apricot and orange, Sainsburys
Herbe de Provence joint, Sainsburys

Bierwurst German Sainsburys
Bratwurst frozen Lidl
Extrawurst German : Waitrose & Sainsburys
Mortadella Sainsburys
Peperami [NOT hot or firestick peperami]
Polish Kabanos Sainsburys
Saucisson Montagne Waitrose
Schinkenwurst German: Sainsburys & Waitrose
Smoky Cajun TTD Sainsburys
Toulouse TTD Sainsburys

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Turkey breast fillets, flame grilled, Bernard Matthews
Turkey medallions, tomato salsa, Morrisons
Turkey rashers

Peking duck crispy aromatic Sainsburys

Breast, chargrilled, lime & coriander, Asda
Breast, chargrilled, Premium
Breast chunks, Korma, sainsburys
Breast escalope, pesto, chargrilled, M&S
Breast, garlic & herb, Bernard Matthews
Breast, lime and coriander: chargrilled Asda; Easy Waitrose; Summer Eating, Asda
Breast Mediterranean style coating, Tesco
Breast garlic lemon and thyme, M&S
Drumsticks and thighs, garlic and herb, sainsburys
Drumsticks, Hoi Sin, Co-Op
Fillets, Thai, COU, M&S
Garlic, basted, Morrisons
Gourjons, breast, nil added [not crumbed]
Bacon parcels, Sainsburys
Red pepper dressing, Simple Solutions, Tesco
Alfredo BGTY Sainsburys
Chilli with lime, breast, Simple Solutions, Tesco
Escalope topped with cheese, ham and mushrooms: Sainsburys; Morrisons; Asda
Cheese and bacon, wrapped, breast, Tesco
Coriander and lime marinade, chargrilled, Asda
Creamy mushroom sauce, HL Tesco
Creamy Tikka style sauce, Tesco
Garlic and cream sauce, breast fillet, Morrisons
Thai style marinade breast chargrilled GFY Asda
Tikka Strips, Iceland
Cheese, leek, bacon, breasts stuffed, Safeway ans Simple Solution Tesco
Cheese and chive sauce, Carb Control, Tesco
Garlic and mushrooms, Somerfield; Simply Cook, Tesco
Mushroom and bacon fillets, M&S

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Canned in brine, spring water, or oil
With red chilli and lime dressing, Princes
Canned, Puertorican style, Natura
Chargrilled Italian, Sainsburys
In Cajun marinade, sainsburys
In lemon and herb marinade, seared, Sainsburys
Thai style butter, Tesco
Basil butter microwave, easy syeam, Sainsburys
With salsa verde sainsburys

Cajun Waitrose
Canned [the bones are an EXCELLENT source of calcium]
Chargrilled Sainsburys
Coriander and Lime: Pacific, Asda; Sainsburys
Creamy cheese and spinach sauce, Go Cook! Asda
Fillets and butter M&S
Garlic butter, Tesco
Gravadlax: Tesco; Sainsburys;Waitrose [ NOT M&S]
Lemon and herb butter, Asda
Moroccan style fillets; Asda
Pancetta wrapped, Tesco
Scottish fillets in cream sauce M&S
Smoked and hot smoked
Spinach roulade, Tesco
Tail joint with lemon and herb butter, M&S
Tomato & Mascarpone sauce: Asda
Watercress sauce: Waitrose & Somerfield
White wine and parsley dressing, Tesco

Cod and parsley frozen M&S

Roasting trout with lemon and rosemary; Sainsburys

CRAB – not crabsticks

SARDINES – in brine, spring water, tomato sauce, lemon oil or plain oil, but NOT in barbecue sauce. [PS: Sardines a good source of calcium]

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