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  • Small cans of tuna, sardines and other fish in a teartag can.  All you need with a can of fish is a paper towel and a plastic fork and you have a perfect high protein instant snack. A snack like this is excellent for rapidly suppressing hunger pangs and to give a real energy boost. Perfect for tiding you over between meals.
  • Cans of citrus fruit  in fruit juice [not syrup]; discard the juice before eating the fruit.  Citrus fruit of some sort or another is readily available all year round but sometimes you can find yourself in a  situation where it is just too messy to eat fresh citrus.  At these times cans of citrus are very useful.



  • Biltong [South African dried meat].  This is excellent; it is light to carry and even once opened doesn’t need refrigeration.  If the plain variety isn’t to your taste, try pepper or chilli flavour.  Biltong is now available from most supermarkets and delicatessens, but for the real thing try a South African butcher [they usually make their own] or go to Selfridges where they have large bins of different flavours and you can ‘try before you buy’.
  • [Beef jerky is another form of African dried meat but is often prepared with sugar and therefore not suitable for the diet.  Do check the label: if there is zero carbohydrates, or just a trace of carbohydrates, that is okay.  If any more, avoid!]
  • Clearspring miso soup [comes as sachets of powder or paste – all you need to do is add hot water].  While ordinary miso soup has far too many carbohydrates for this diet, the Clearspring brand has only 2 grams per serving and so is quite acceptable. Clearspring foods are available in most organic and health food stores, delis, food halls and leading supermarkets.  Visit Clearspring’s website for a list of suppliers, including those that offer home delivery.



  • Any cold cooked meat is acceptable on the diet, in particular I am often asked if Bresaola, Prosciutto, Pancetta and Smoked salmon are acceptable, which they are.
  • Waitrose Misto Cotto Antipasto is high protein and has no carbohydrates so is a good snack food choice.
  • Another  good idea are the Scotch eggs featured in both the ‘Eggs’ and  ‘Appetiser’ recipe sections. These are made with quails eggs  and without sausage meat or breadcrumbs so perfect for the diet. You will find a wide variety of options giving different flavours, so I am sure you will find something to suit your taste. These are best made a day in advance as they will then hold together better.  And they are best eaten at room temperature as this brings out the flavour.
  • Bacon and Liver rolls. These are the sort of things people either love or hate. If you are someone who does like these, then consider taking cold leftover rolls for your picnic, travel journey or lunch in the office.



  • Hard boiled eggs are always a reliable standby.  A fast food which is easily transportable.  For the perfect hard boiled egg, see the instructions in the EGG section.
  • Devilled eggs.  For something more interesting than a plain hard boiled egg, try one of our devilled egg recipes.